Price of Rhodium Catalyst Recycling in Precious Metals Trading

Rhodium catalysts, which contain the element rhodium, play an important role in industries like chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
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In many industrial processes, especially those requiring catalytic reactions, rhodium catalysts are utilized. These catalyst materials can be found in large chemical plants, refineries, or pharmaceutical companies.

In this issue, we discuss the recycling price of rhodium catalysts, a point of great interest. The recycling price of a rhodium catalyst is determined based on the recycling price of rhodium and the content of rhodium in the catalyst. With today’s standard being $9 per gram, the recycling price of the rhodium catalyst depends on the specific amount of rhodium it contains.

For example, if you have one kilogram of a rhodium catalyst and instrumental analysis shows it contains 20% rhodium, the recycling price would be approximately $1,800. After deducting various recycling costs, the final price can be calculated.